Quotes heard by our Life Guard at our first event!

1. "I don't want you to be impressed, I just want you to be tolerant and look away."

2. "I didn't mean to do a backflip, I just slipped."

3. "You're a school student, come on and be a rebel."

4. "I wasn't even holding him underwater."

5. "He pushed me in, can you just look away?"


“…I am ever so great full that there is a youth group. For me at the moment it is a treat at the end of the week that I live for. I love it and it's the only real time I get to spend with my friends, and everyone involved creating the youth group and dedicating their time is AMAZING. Thankyou. :-)" ~ Taylor

"Come alomg - and bring your friends." ~ Joyce

"I can't wait until next week." ~ Jodi

"At last... Something fun to do in Kapunda!." ~ Luke

What does Easter mean to your Leaders?