Kathleen Arbery Andrew Amos

Paul Smith Christie Bridge

Shannon Skinner Elijah Cornish

Craig D. Cope Grigor Fahlbusch


Meet the Crew

We have a number of great Christian leaders who are devoted and commited to providing a fun and safe Youth Group for the Kapunda area.


- Kathleen Arbery - TAFE Stuident (ex KHS Student) / Light Community Church

- Andrew Amos - Kapunda Community Member

- Christie Bridge - Teacher at Kapunda High School / Gawler Baptist Church

- Craig D. Cope - Teacher at Kapunda High School / Blackwood Hills Baptist Church

- Elijah Cornish - Infusion Barossa

- Grigor Fahlbush - Teacher at Kapunda High School / Kapanda Uniting Church

- Shannon Skinner - University Student (ex KHS Student) / Infusion Barossa

- Paul Smith - Pastor at Light Community Church (Kapunda)


- James Soar - Student - Kapunda High School

- Light Community Church and the Kapunda Uniting Church regularly provide support and supper for many of our events. Their ongoing support is greatly appreciated

Interested in Leadership at Kapunda Youth Group?

- We are always looking for great, committed Christian Leaders who feel called to lead Youth.
Interested? We would love to hear from you. Please contact one of the crew above and we will send you a copy of the "Youth Leader's Handbook" for you to have a look at.