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Not long now...

the next big event on
Friday 26 July

Mega Bonfire


Bonfire Night
Come along - bring your friends.
Lots of food - Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Marshmallows for roasting in the fire!
Sing along to some classic camp - fire songs.

- Bring some warm and waterproof clothing.

- Warm old clothes


If you have not already registered online, please do so here
(it's not compulsory but it helps us out)



The FUN returns!

Be prepared for wet weather - if it's raining - we are still going!


Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm


Cost: Just $2 - that's right - just $2.

Where: Bethel Lutheran Church - Church Road (Schondorf Way), Bethal

(off either Bethel Road or Weichert Road).

Click here for a map

Get a lift there - take some friends with you.

Drop Off at 7:00pm

Pickup at 10:00pm