A note for parents...
is your child "really" at Youth?

Kapunda Youth Group requires each person that attends to be registered, and we record who is at each event. We take our responsibility and Duty of Care very seriously and provide a safe, caring and fun environment for all youth that attend and have registered for our events.

However, it has come to our attention that a number of young people are out very late at night in Kapunda on Friday evenings - walking the streets and possibly engaging in risky behaviours.

We are aware that some young people are telling their parents that they are going to Youth Group with the full intent of "ditching" Youth. They may well get dropped of outside of our event, but never come in. They then come back to our event near 10pm to get picked up, giving parents the illusion that they were at Youth Group the entire time, when in fact they never came in and never registered for the event.

As Kapunda Youth Group leaders, we are very concerned about this type of behaviour. Youth are potentially taking part in risky behaviours while you, their parents believe that they are being well supervised in a safe and caring environment at Youth Group.

What can you do?

Please speak to your children about this. Please feel free to come in to our events, meet our leaders, and make sure your child has registered for the event. Likewise, please feel welcome to come into our events at the end of the night to collect your children (rather than pick them up in the street). You can also contact us to confirm that you child has attended Youth Group as we do record every attendance at each event.

At the end of the day, we want to provide a safe environment for the young people of Kapunda and surrounding areas.



About Us

Kapunda Youth Group is the vision of a group of Christian leaders from within the Kapunda Community and beyond!

This includes: Teachers, Pastors, Parents and students - all with the same vision to provide a safe, caring environment for the Youth of Kapunda and surrounding areas.

Great news! Telstra Kids grant

We are delighted to announce our success in applying for a $1,200 grant from Telstra.

Telstra Kids funds the little things that can make a big difference to kids’ lives, helping kids to play and learn. Our Telstra Kids grant will be used to the Kapunda Youth Group.

Huge thanks to Tim Owen from Telstra, who is a supporter of the Kapunda Youth Group, and and Craig Smith from Telstra for endorsing our application.

We are very excited to share in the million dollars the Telstra Foundation provides each year to help kids across Australia to learn and play.

We were able to use this grant to purchase some great resources for our Youth Group, including a new Air Hockey table and Foosball table to keep the kids entertained.